The simple fact is that the Dems are pooping in their own nest - again! They will not disappoint the Republicans! They work hard at this and I, for one, am really sick and tired of it. They get my vote because the other side is, basically, bat s*** crazy! the Dems are not crazy but more like 8th graders trying to get into trouble. I have stated my own wishes as to what I think they should be doing and that hasn't changed. I have predicted what they will be doing and that is, obviously, not going to change. Just like a bunch of out of control children each of which gets their way or they will screw it ALL up! I suspect, by the elections next year they will have disgusted just about every voter there is so the voting will probably be low if anybody actually cares.

Its just incredible. Their opposition does virtually everything they can to turn off voters who are not true believers. That being the case the Dems see a chance to act out too! I guess its a competition!