I'm afraid it just wasn't within the power of the US Military to make Afghanistan safe and free for women.

We've got our own version of tribalism going on here right now that we need to fight and while I genuinely feel sorry for all Afghanis I just can't find it in me to worry much about a people doing what they have done for thousands upon thousands of years.

For the nonce, the Taliban is the defacto government of Afghanistan by virtue of winning the war. The losers can whine and pout about that all they want.

Best way forward is cooperation. It's up to the Taliban to rein in their fighters...to convince them that the enemy is gone and they can't just kill everyone that's left. Afghanistan is at a swords to plowshares event with the Western invaders vanquished. The best we can do for all Afghanis is to help the fledgling government out.

What we will most likely do is enact economic sanctions against them, since we couldn't just beat them into submission we will torture them slowly as we have done to many other nations...and never allow them to succeed.

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