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Well, the ultimate penalty for stupidity has always been death. That is human nature. In some ways, this cull benefits those who remain. For example:

Newsmax Host Dead from Covid-19

Former Newsmax host and right-wing Florida radio commentator Dick Farrel — who mocked vaccines, the “scamdemic” and “lying freak” Dr. Anthony Fauci — has died of COVID-19.

So are we better off with this toxic influencer dead? Even if he did text friends from his deathbed to get vaccinated, presumably because he couldn't speak with the breathing tube in his throat. Dead Republican voters are one thing, but mass media jerks like this Dick may deserve it. When the data about the relative risk of being vaccinated or not came out a few months ago, I stopped fearing or being angry at anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers. My feelings changed to pity. But a few of them may just be asking for it.

I should have bookmarked it but yesterday I read about a guy whose mother spent two months in ICU and finally passed away from COVID, then HE got COVID, and HE ALSO spent time in ICU, he recovered...and he STILL won't get the vaccine.
And then there's Right Said Fred, the "I'm too sexy for my shirt" guy, caught COVID, says "It wasn't so bad, not getting the shots".

Yeah, I'd file those under "Asking for it".

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