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he STILL won't get the vaccine
It's not so important as long as he had Covid-19 and then recovered. That's like getting a really dangerous vaccine. He has some immunity. His antibodies may not be as high as if he did get a vaccine now, but his T and B cells are primed. Researchers have found that natural infection followed months later by one vaccination gives you really high antibody levels, but still it's silly to require people to get vaccinated after they already had Covid-19. That should be a reasonable medical exemption.

Disagree because Leon Russell's sister-in-law passed away because she caught COVID, recovered and then got hit again, and this time it took her out. Obviously it was a variant and her natural antibodies weren't as ready as one might think.
The vaccines are safe and I'd like to think it's cheap insurance.
I know one thing, I am going for the third booster ASAP and so is Karen.

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