I'd be a swing voter too if Republicans offered up the occasional sensible candidate.

My inclination, more often than not, is to simply blow off the whole thing and sit on the couch with the other lefties. Perhaps if I were centrist I could see the value in an occasional moderate Republican. But I'm not.

And I don't.

Predictions are my main game too, and things are sliding downhill for Biden. But who and what are Republicans going to counter with?

Can Trump win again...? Are they determined to elect the least qualified candidate available...? Will Independents and swing voters go back to Trump...or a Trump-like troglodyte like DeSantis...? Because Biden couldn't MAKE Republicans get the vaccine...? Because he ended a trillion dollar decades-long war and everything didn't go smoothly...?

Or because a couple of hotly contested bills don't pass.

You're grumbling because progressives hope to make gains against centrist democrats by running against them in the primaries...as though this is going to throw the whole election.

I'm pretty sure this is how elections are supposed to work...people of various beliefs and ideologies vying to become elected representatives.

You seem to think it's best to always play it safe. Or that it's best to always stick to the centrist message.

Winning isn't everything. If all you care about is winning you wind up with the homogenous goo we have in congress right now. Incapable of accomplishing anything ever.

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