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I think the Republicans are going to primary the hell out their congressional races in 2022. The majority of the Party are Trump loyalists, and few Independents are going to vote for crazy Death Cult Big Lie supporters.

Are there really any moderate Republicans left to primary? A few voted for Impeachment and a few voted for the infrastructure package but the majority remain Trump loyalists. A handful of firebrands will primary those weak links and maybe win or not.

The will is strong among republicans to turn the party into an authoritarian party. They like strong rulers who brook no nonsense from minority groups. Men who rule by decree and take the rule of law with a grain of salt.

The will to turn the Democratic Party into a leftist organization mostly doesn't exist(yet). It is a party made up of republican moderates. Neo-liberals. They like mealy-mouthed ineffectual representatives who don't make waves.

Somehow one is always getting trampled by the other...

But like Yin and Yang they seem to spin as one.

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