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They won't trust vaccines but they seem to be delighted to take any experimental thing the hospital might have.

Hospital? You mean the feed store, or some scammer on the internet. There were a lot of people who drank bleach after Trump suggested it! There are still snake-oil salesmen popping up on Craig's List, the internet, or Right Wing media trying to sell bleach or silver-based "Covid Remedies".

The only good thing about those people sending their kids to school without masks, is that the kids are at much less risk (but not zero risk) than their parents when they bring the infection home. And the greatest risk is that they will kill a resident unvaccinated grandparent or two.

Silly me. Here I was thinking that it might be a crime to peddle dangerous substances that kill people when they ingest them...something about
"Mumble mumble dangerous drugs...mumble mumble protecting the community from dangerous drug peddlers...mumble mumble war on drugs"

Or was that only for drugs that involve partying?
I guess it's unreasonable to demand that we devote all those magnificent DEA resources to tracking down people who peddle spurious and deadly medical remedies for killer plagues.

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