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If the Dems continue with their ongoing very public personal battles they will lose. By the time of the elections nobody will have a clue as to where the Dems stand.

It's okay if they lose!

As Pero has pointed out...even if they lose it can be considered a win!

If they don't lose too badly.

Losses are to be expected. We're hoping here that Democrats pull off a historic win by not losing too badly.

Voters might have short memories Pero, but you're asking them to forget a LOT. A disastrous end to a disastrous war. An attack on our capital by insurrectionists. The baseless claims of election fraud. An ongoing pandemic and economic crisis.

It's only a year until the election. Not really that much time for them to forget all this crap. Most have already taken sides. It's up to a handful of swing voters to decide which team they like best. And that's who will win.

Everything between now and then is political theatre.

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