People do die from accidental opiate and cocaine overdoses, so I guess the DEA should have some oversight for those drug classes. Nobody ever died from a weed overdose. Maybe they got fat from eating too many munchies after they got stoned. As far as ivermectin goes, it actually is being demonized as "horse de-wormer", when it is a legitimate human prescription drug for parasites. The inventor actually got the Nobel Prize for it, and it has been used by billions of people world-wide with an excellent safety record. It's on WHO's essential drug list!

The FDA is actually neutral on it now: They say they don't have enough information on it to recommend for or against it's use for Covid-19. There are a number of drug trials underway.

We're flying electric helicopters on Mars yet you can't turn on your clothes dryer in Texas. That's because scientists are in charge of Mars, and Republicans are in charge of Texas.