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Kevin McCarthy is so stupid he commits a crime to threaten tech companies for turning over evidence of his Party's members in Congress about their participation in the Jan 6th insurrection:

[quote]Obstruction by Intimidation, Threats, Persuasion, or Deception 18 U.S. Code § 1512(b)
The second group of offenses within Section 1512 outlaws obstruction of federal congressional,
judicial, or administrative activities by intimidation, threat, corrupt persuasion or deception. In
more general terms, subsection 1512(b) bans (1) knowingly, (2) using one of the prohibited forms
of persuasion (intimidation, threat, misleading or corrupt persuasion), (3) with the i............................

Absolutely UTTERLY meaningless and here's why:
The spineless ball-less Congress together with the equally spineless and ball-less DoJ will NEVER EVER prosecute him.

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