OK, I think I may have gone down the rabbit hole here.

Rick made a comment that the Taliban were generally an uneducated. It started me looking for information on them - not so much about “the Taliban,” the group we constantly hear about, but on its more cellular level.

If I want to know general info about an average soldier, I can google statistics till the cows come home. How many, what age, why enlisted, etc.

I can’t get that stuff on the Taliban, of course, for about a hundred and twenty reasons. But even the number varies greatly over time, anywhere from 3000 to 100,000.

Why does a man join with the Taliban? “Taliban,” in Pashto, means “student,” and the original Taliban actually were religious students. Are they students now? Are they even literate? Are any of them married? Do they have children?

Who are the da*n Taliban?

“It’s the shipwreck that leads you to the magical island.”
(Trevor Noah)