...as I wrote on another thread, my information about the Taliban fighters (not to be confused with their upper management - their Leaders) are uneducated comes from NPR's "All Things Considered" and Terry Gross' "Fresh Air."

Because of my commute, I have lots of time to listen to the radio. smile

Just to put this out there, it's not all news for me, there's also C89.5 - Listener supported dance radio. smile


Interesting story about how I found C89.

In my former vanpool (I am ALWAYS the driver in the vanpools - I hate other people's driving. smile ), we start off in Tacoma and we had one pick-up on the way to work. I was at the pick-up and I turned down the volume so when the other new riders got in, they radio is not blasting for them. I must have changed the station without realizing it when I turned-down the volume.

As most listeners of NPR know, they play "bumper music" between segments. A song came on that I was familiar with, it was the instrumental part of the song - but I did think that it was interesting that NPR picked THAT song to use for bumper music...and the bumper went on longer than usual...and continued....and I'm thinking....this is weird...did NPR go off the air? Then another dance song came onto the radio. Then another. THEN finally the DJ came on and called out the station call letters of C89 - Seattle's Home For Dance.

Turns out the C89 is the broadcast learning channel for the Seattle School District and has been on the air for 50 years. They play the newest dance tracks - just like a club would do. Anywhooo...I was hooked.

So now I alternate between NPR and C89 in the vanpool.

(Also a rule in vanpools is that the driver picks what's on the radio. laugh )

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