Corrections: the 15% number seems to be trash. Literacy numbers seem to run around 50-55% for men 15 and older, 30% for women 15 and older. Numbers for Kabul specifically don’t seem to be available (which I should have known.)

Looks like average years in school for girls is about 5 years. They cannot be taught by men (including their fathers) and education is often cut short by early marriage.

This little foray into female education prompted by apparently very different interpretations of “educated women.”

Greger - again, an interpretation, but - typical conservatives?
I think you would draw a line between conservatives and religious conservatives? Even then, the Taliban are far more bloody than, I think, any conservative group in the US except, possibly, the Klan, who made up their own rules and enforced them by death.

You’re right; no chance of understanding the Taliban; nor would I want/need to - but talking about a group makes me want to know more about them.

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