Murders happen here all the time, yes, but they’re generally not legally sanctioned.

I’m not even going to refer to killings by the police; they are generally racial and situationl.I’m not discounting that; I jus5 think they’re a different kettle of fish - an important one, but different.

But, generally speaking, our government doesn’t run around beating or killing citizens. The Taliban does.

Legally-sanctioned blood in the streets. It does make a difference.

(Yes, Greger, I know about mass shootings; we had one of our own right here in Omaha, not long after I moved here.)

Oh, and - the fact that we have a lot of violence here does not make the violence there any more acceptable. Quantity may be less in total, because there are fewer people. But there it’s not random lunatics at a shopping mall; it’s the government, not at all random, but fully intentional. It’s the government. They’re lunatics too - but they’re in charge.

“It’s the shipwreck that leads you to the magical island.”
(Trevor Noah)