I agree, there's no indication of any type of wave, red or blue as of yet. The change in the house, perhaps 10-15 seats as a SWAG. Nothing firm to indicate that though until redistricting is completed. DeSantis, The latest polling for governor has Charlie Crist leading DeSantis 52-40. But this was an average of four August polls, no polling done so far in September. Rubio is up by 6 over Demmings 50-44.

From what I read a majority of folks from Florida think DeSantis is too busy running for president than caring what happens in Florida. But you are there.

now being a numbers man, I’m doing a weekly comparison of Biden’s approval ratings, pre-Afghanistan withdrawal vs. post Afghanistan withdrawal. What I’m looking for is to determine if the drop in Biden’s approval numbers was solely due to Afghanistan or if it was a combination of different things. 1 Aug numbers, pre-Afghanistan, 31 Aug numbers, end of Afghanistan withdrawal, 7 Sep numbers post Afghanistan. I'm going to do this weekly.

Biden’s overall job approval/disapproval numbers:
1 Aug 51.3% approval, 45.9% disapproval/31 Aug 46.3% approval, 48.6% disapproval/7 Sep 45.7% approval, 49.1% disapproval.

Generic congressional vote
1 Aug Democrats 48% Republican 41% D plus 7/31 Aug Democrats 46% Republicans 44% D plus 2/7 Sep Democrats 46% Republicans 44% D plus 2.

Direction of the Country, right track/wrong track

1 Aug right track 40%, wrong track 53%/31 Aug right track 30%, wrong track 61%/7 Sep right track 30%/wrong track 60%.

Immigration 1 Aug 42% approve, 54% disapprove/31 Aug 34% approve, 57% disapprove/7 Sep 35% approve, 57% disapprove.

COVID 1 Aug 62% approve, 38% disapprove/31 Aug 53% approve, 43% disapprove/7 Sep 53% approve, 53% disapprove.

Economy 1 Aug 55% approve, 45% disapprove/31 Aug 46% approve, 49% disapprove/7 Sep 46% approve, 49% disapprove.


A week without change after the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Labor Day Weekend probably had a great deal to do with maintaining the status quo. I’ve believed after Afghanistan that Biden’s numbers would begin to improve as Afghanistan moved into history. This is just an opinion which everyone has one. I also think for Biden’s first six months as president he benefited greatly just from not being Trump. But Afghanistan brought that benefit to an abrupt end. So we’ll see.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.