This is just an opinion which everyone has. I also think for Biden’s first six months as president he benefited greatly just from not being Trump. But Afghanistan brought that benefit to an abrupt end. So we’ll see.

Republicans have fought Biden and reduced his popularity by grumbling about ending a war and by fighting the vaccine. They have stayed on top of their game by denying the results of the last election and keeping the covid death count high by refusing to mask or vaccinate.
They have renewed their war on women and continue the legislation to keep people of color from voting.

Biden still benefits greatly from not being Trump! All of us do! And all of us benefit from Biden not being Trump. His aggressive vaccine rollout saved thousands of lives. The government is actually getting a few things done and seems to be headed in the (actual) right direction as opposed to some science-denying wingnut's opinion of what the right direction might be.

Desantis has lost 14 points in popularity recently. I hear Greg Abbot is tanking as well.

California's governor appears poised to fight off the recall. I'm not a numbers guy but these trends seem to point to an overall favorability for the blue team right now.

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