There are sins that a president can commit that is difficult to overcome. Biden's sin was that he publicly refused to admit that he had made an error in judgement in the evacuation of folks from Afghanistan. He didn't start soon enough nor did he have a plan when he did. All this was pretty obvious but he just couldn't say it out loud. He came close with the statement about the buck stopping but it was too vague. That kind of thing is not easily forgotten because it also means we have a president that is not always believable and we REALLY don't like that that.

Its really pretty interesting. When Trump ran into something he just said that he wasn't responsible - and he got away with it! At least we knew where he was coming from. Biden could have done something like that but he decided to dance. Now he has to do something stupid and then admit he did it and apologize.

Oh, one last on this. Presidents are always responsible for EVERYTHING! Even if they are, obviously, not responsible. That's just the way it is. Trump, for instance, inherited a really good economy from Obama but claimed responsibility for that same economy. He got away with that because he was president and everybody understood that he could do that. Its part of the deal - good or bad.

Oh, one REALLY last one. This rule also applies to governors, county commissioners, police chiefs, mayors, etc. If its on their watch then they are the responsible parties whether or not they agree. When they try and dance they make no friends. Its just the way it is.