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Heroin is pretty well known for its puking effect too. So is alcohol. Both have remained popular over the years. I've eaten mescaline by the handsful. Often laced with strychnine which has its own uncomfortable effects.

Shrooms upset your tummy a little but it's nothing serious.

You don't want the strychnine, or let's just say that's the unwanted hitchiker, at least as far as my understanding of it goes.
But that's one of the limitations of that stuff, which is why I didn't go as deep as I did with shrooms and the acid.

Anyway, one day I guess I subconsciously decided I'd tripped enough and in the last thirty years I've only had shrooms one more time because Karen was curious. Of course she had to stop taking her 10mg* morning Paxil for three days because it cancels out the effect of the shrooms.

She had a wonderful experience...."wunnerful wunnerful, yes frienss" (Lawrence Welk) but she very much did NOT enjoy the "come-down" the next day. So I think for her, the shrooming experience was a one-off.
But she did enjoy it and if the come-down wasn't so irritating for her, she'd probably try them again.

*Apparently most doctors think 10mg of Paxil is a tiny dose.
But....seeing as how Karen is all of 110 pounds, for HER, it is sufficient because the VERY first time, she took more and more and more shrooms and felt NOTHING. Zip, zero, zilch, nada...and it was because of the Paxil canceling it out.

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