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Omaha is a blue dot in a sea of (Husker) red. And Nebraska is one of (I think) only two states that can split their electoral vote. When Obama was elected, we went 2 to 1, with Omaha being that one blue vote.

Now the Republican state senators are proposing a change to District 2 (Omaha.) They intend to enlarge the district by cutting it in half, and add the Air Force base and the next county over, where many of the base employees live. This is expected to increase the Republican presence in District 2 and reassign the district’s voters of color.

And thereby return Nebraska to its purified red status, silencing the liberals and minorities.
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Republcans have to do that to Omaha - else, they'd never get those electoral votes. It's not as if the Republican platform or Republican ideas are anything for a decent rational person to vote for... coffee

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