In a way, you're probably right Greger. Republicans don't want to compromise with Democrats and Democrats don't want to compromise with Republicans. So if Gallup is to be believed, that's around 60% of the total electorate that don't favor compromise.

That leaves the unwashed middle, call them independents, perhaps moderates, certainly the non-affiliated. Those basically peeved at both parties and how both parties govern for only their base and not America as a whole.

Those who may believe in a middle way, a course in-between the hard core stances of either major party. I really haven't given this much thought. But if voting habits are to be taken into consideration, history shows those who identify with either major party will vote for their party's candidates 92% of the time regardless of who the candidates are.

The in-betweeners, the non-affiliate, perhaps those who favor compromise much more than the anti-compromise crowd of the party faithful, they decide elections.

In the recent wave elections, 1994 independents voted Republican 56-42, in 2006 57-39 for Democratic congressional candidates, in 2010 56-37 Republican, in 2018 54-42 Democratic. Perhaps comparing how independents voted 2 years earlier to these stats.

1992 independents voted 42-28 Clinton over Bush with Perot gaining 30%, 2 years later, 56-42 for Republican congressional candidates.
2004 Independents voted for Bush 49-48 over Kerry, but 2 years later, 2006 they voted 57-39 for Democratic congressional candidates.
2008 Independents voted 52-44 for Obama over McCain, in 2010 they voted 56-37 for Republican congressional candidates.
2016 Independents voted 46-42 for Trump over Hillary Clinton, 12% voting third party, in 2018 independents voted 54-42 for Democratic congressional candidates.

Another way to look at it, from a plus 14 Democratic 1992 to a minus 14 in 1994
From a plus 1 for Republicans in 2004 to a minus 18 in 2006
From a plus 8 Democratic in 2008 to a minus 19 in 2010
From a plus 4 Trump, Republicans to a minus 12 in 2018.

the finicky unwashed, who's loyalty isn't to party, but perhaps to America as a whole.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.