I won't join you in that prediction Rick. Since 1934 only once has the party of the president gained seats in the house. 2002 when Bush was president, they gained 8 seats. But 9-11 was the cause in my opinion which united the country behind Bush and the GOP.

Just going by hard numbers, leaving the heart and feelings totally out of this, early indications are a 10-15 seat loss for the Democrats in the House, a 1-3 seat gain in the senate. Realistically, these hard numbers mean nothing this far out, too much time left. Redistricting also hasn't happened yet, which could change the hard numbers from today drastically. Here's the history. The average loss is 22 seats for the party that holds the presidency. I'd say the democrats probably will lose about half that. Which in my book, they beat the odds and that would be a victory. Time will tell

Trump lost 42 seats from 241 down to 199 in 2018, lost control of the house.
Obama lost 63 seats from 256 down to 193 in 2010 lost control of the house
*Bush gained 8 seats from 221 up to 229 in 2002
Clinton lost 54 seats from 258 down to 204 in 1994 lost control of the house
Bush lost 8 seats from 175 down to 167 in 1990
Reagan lost 26 seats from 192 down to 166 in 1982
Carter lost 15 seats from 292 down to 277 in 1978
Nixon lost 12 seats from 192 down to 180 in 1970
LBJ lost 47 seats from 295 down to 248 in 1966
JFK lost 4 seats from 262 down to 258 in 1962
Eisenhower lost 18 seats from 221 down to 203 in 1954 lost control of the house.
Truman lost 29 seats from 263 down to 234 in 1950

*Bush lost 33 seats in the 2006 house elections and lost control of the house

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It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.