More democrats than not probably think gerrymandering should be abolished.
It's easy enough to divide a region into fair and equitable districts.

Those Democrats who feel it's an appropriate tactic probably feel that it's only fair to fight back against Republican cheating.

Both parties are corrupt. To me, one appears to be (much)more corrupt than the other.

One appears to be trying to fix some broken things.

One appears to be trying to break more things.

Maybe a switch hitter like Pero could explain to me why this isn't true...? I try to view both parties through the same lens, but it's difficult with the Donald Trumps, Loie Gohmerts and Marjorie Greenes in the mix. Does "the squad" balance out these crazies somehow...or do they only appear crazy because of my ideological lean, even though I don't share that same lean with most Democrats...

A conundrum.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...