Everyone should have by now seen, heard or read the Ninja/AZ Senate report on how Dominion/Smartmatic/Democrat Party/other nefarious anti-Trump groups stole the election through fraud .... Ohhhh .... wait a sec .... that is not what the report concluded. It did conclude Biden won as advertised by the results from election night.

I believe I predicted the report would conclude Biden won, despite every effort to find fraud, suspicious ballots, etc., but did however speculate that elections COULD be rigged by voting machines, mail-in ballots (just got mine for special election here in TX), etc. Well that is enough for Trump supporters to wrongfully conclude fraud happened, they just couldn't find it, or as Dr Pulitzer has said, {{{{{{THE DEEP STATE}}}}}}} has spoken.

The paranoia and delusions are deep seated. If you believe it is over .... well ... all I can say is .... delusions are contagious

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty