Regarding the Alaskan Way Geoduck... It closed in January 2019, and the tunnel opened in February. "Demolition work was completed on November 21, 2019, with 240 million pounds (110,000,000 kg) of concrete recycled and 15 million pounds (6,800,000 kg) of steel rebar reclaimed.[61] Some of the concrete from the demolition was pulverized and used to fill the Battery Street Tunnel.[62] New development along the waterfront in downtown Seattle, including a park promenade, is planned to be completed by 2021.[63][64]" Wikipedia.

I'd be interested in Rick's views (literally) of how it looks now, since his ferry ride lands down there. I haven't been down there (the waterfront) since COVID, although when son #2 was going to school there, we went regularly because he lived one block from Pike Place Market.

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