On governing by EO's, Obama did exactly that his last 6 years.
So why would someone whose only opinions are what the polls say not look it up?

Pres Obama avg 35/yr, while Mr Trump avg 55/yr. In fact Pres Obama's second term he did fewer EO's than the first term. More importantly it should be remembered EO's only apply to the Executive Branch of government. You may call it governing but in reality it is tweaking, not governing.

I don't think Trump will run again in 2024
I believe there is a higher probability of him running than not running. Revenge is a powerful motivator. Imagine all the anti-Trumpers he can frak. Who would stop him from running? The Base is all in for Trump. 70% believe election was stolen and the other 30% can be easily persuaded it was stolen. The stage is set for a large scale insurrection, why would Trump waste the opportunity to ensconce himself as the one and only savior of America, voice of the delusional, face of Mt Rushmore, .... Master of the Universe.

As most commentators, you have sold the Master Manipulator short. The ordinary rules of engagement do not apply. We live in an n dimensional-space where demagoguery can sway even the independents to become irrational. We'll have 3 more years to deal with Trump before the anti-democratic weasels of the Republican Party march in the goosestep parade to fascism.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty