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I remember the first time I saw one of those we were in the Pike Place Market, of all places. I thought to myself “my god what is that?” That’s a big boy they’re allrighty. Ahem… and as I am sure you are aware but others might not be the pronunciation is gooey duck. How in the heck do they get gooey out of Geo?

Inquiring minds need to know. Or want to anyway.
The first month with my work transportation money, I purchased a September ferry pass. It is a use it or lose it thing when you buy a monthly pass because the ferry fare is reduced.

Next month, for October, I am just going to let the funds sit in my ORCA card and pay a higher fare...whenever I am charged. The thing is, the ferry employees are so inconsistent...I am charged, I am not charged, the passengers are charged, the passengers are not charged. The vanpool gets waived through the toll booth, the vanpool gets scurintiezed. It's like every WSF employee just makes-up their own rules.

So the risk of just letting the funds sit in my account and pay when needed is a gamble. I think I will come out ahead though, more than I will be behind, based upon what has happened this month.

If I have extra monies on my ORCA card, I can then use those monies to go to Seattle in my personal car on the ferry when I am off from work. I plan on doing that this Saturday and next Wednesday - a week from now.

I'm taking Rocksus to a corn maze on Saturday night in Soquamish and next Wednesday, I'm taking a vaca day because my friend Crystal is coming to Seattle from the Bay Area and we're going to have dinner with her sister on Lake Union. I reserved an outdoor table because the restaurant is right in front of the marina there.


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