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That’s “funny.” I just got my Pfizer booster yesterday at the Lane County fairgrounds site in Eugene. They didn’t have me in their system either but I had a copy of the confirmation email they had sent to me (from an independent site) so all was well.

I have been incredibly impressed with how efficiently Lane County has handled this whole vaccine distribution. It has gone very smoothly and very orderly for all three of my injections. Although yesterday’s one was on a way smaller scale than the previous two, obviously because the eligible clientele is much less than for the previous two.

It really was an old farts convention.

Here too. Easy peesy. Got ours this morning.
Called at 8:15, chose 11:15 appt. DOH 1/2 mile from my house.
There were a couple of younger people there saying their workplace had mandated a vaccine or daily tests. She was disgruntled (hahahahaha).

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