Pramila Jayapal is the leader of the Democratic progressives. She used to be on the Seattle council. Her traveling mate was the one that turned over a police station to rioters and wanted to pass a rule that poor people could steal. Seattle downtown is pretty much shut down. All in all the progressives of Seattle are not all that delighted with their city council and, I suspect Jayapal is right in that bunch that is not exactly in favor right now.

Jayapal has always been able to get what she wanted and, now, her my way or the highway will cost the Dems the next election. Up to this point she has done pretty good getting her way but I suspect this may change. I have said it before and can't resist saying it now. The Democrats have absolutely no desire to win anything. Instead they will whine a lot about them bad Republicans and work very hard proving that they really know how to blame somebody else.

I suspect there may still be a chance for the basic infrastructure bill but the other one is unlikely to get passed and, if it does, it will be seriously attenuated. Given my age and my teeth I would love to see dental work to be part of medicare but I doubt that's gonna happen either.