fed up with all these illegals crossing the border
OK, you gotta clarify.

Do you mean all the illegals who CROSS the border undetected, or asylum seekers who do SHOW UP at the border seeking legal asylum, or both?

Look ... all of those folks who can't tell the difference and still complain should be told there are laws regarding illegally crossing, legally seeking asylum, and if they don't like the media presentations, then they should contact their representatives to change the frakking law.

I think Trump supporters would like my proposal .... kill them .... kill them all. Of course I also believe at least 60% of the electorate are stupid.

I don't let partisan politics get me down. But here recently, the Democrats have had the a huge money advantage. Especially in 2020
My criticism is policy based, and certainly not based on what an uneducated electorate responds to pollsters. You look at the polls and say they are evenly split. I say look at the policies. While you defended your polls with historical data, I was listening to the Trump Base. Your polling did not reflect what the Trumpsters would do.

While I am a liberal, I do not allow that to color my objectivity. Had Pres Obama done what Mr Trump did, I would call for his impeachment and further call for legal proceedings for his criminal activities. I know it may be hard for you to understand that, coming from a partisan world, but you have to become an objective bystander to comprehend the threat coming from the right.

Here is an example. The Texas voting law alleges it addresses voter fraud, and yet Texas did not find voter fraud a problem. Each item in the law did not address fraud nor could be construed as combating fraud. So, consider Jim Crow Laws vis a vis Texas' Voting Rights Law. Blacks could vote under Jim Crow Laws, it was just an impediment to keep them from voting. Likewise the current Texas Law does the same thing. It does not prevent people (directed at urban centers, which means large percent potential Democrat voters) from voting, but does throw up hurdles to keep them from voting.

I suppose you would argue Republican governors have all stated that was not their intention, and it would prove your rebuttal. I'll let you try and figure it out ... it's not hard.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty