Okay, sometimes I don’t write well, I really am sorry..

A new question for the thread, in part due to Olyve’s post and in part due to something I heard on the radio tonight.

Any good song gets covered in live performance. I don’t mind that; sometimes it’s well done, sometimes not, but that’s the way with live music.

Recordings strike me as being different.
A little while ago I heard a cover of Steely Dan’s “Barrytown” with a Hammond B3 and a jazz singer. It was very well-done, and I really didn’t like it. The melody, the harmony, and the lyrics are so clearly
owned by, in the style of, Steely Dan, that anything
else sounds forced.

So, being stodgy me, I really don’t want to hear “Barrytown” recorded by anyone but Steely Dan.

Comments? Denials? Accusations of being an old lady?

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