You're speaking to "covers" Mellow.

When an artist sings a song originally sung by another singer, the term for the newest version of the song is "cover." Many covers are better than the original. I cite "I will always love you" by Dolly Parton. Whitney Houston covered that song, and the song was incrementally better than the original in form, style, and production.

It is often the case that the original is better than a cover. I cite "Tears of a clown" in 1970 by Smokey Robinson. The origin is better than the 1979 cover by The English Beat.

Music is all subjective and is individual to everyone. smile

Which is better, the 1969 original Crimson and Clover by Tommy James and the Shondells, or the 1981 cover by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts? Hmm

I personally like the Joan Jett cover due to its production. Plus Joan essentially came out as Lesbian in 1981 by not changing the lyrics to the song - she kept the pronoun the same. Not even The Village People were out in 1981. gobsmacked ...but I knew they were gay in 1977 when I saw their Macho Man album cover. You know the takes one to know one? smile

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