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That's an excellent price. Does that include shipping?
Yes. Right now, I'm paying bout $33.00 for the entire service for the week.(three days). Yes, much less expensive than fast food. I spend about $8.50 at Chipotle, or $13.50 at Hamburger Habit.

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You might be able to do that cheaper shopping yourself, and my local supermarket lets you pickup your order curbside with all weekly specials honored, and no extra charges. But it's WAY WAY cheaper than even the cheapest fast food. And the market doesn't let you buy two servings worth of many items.
True, the benefit of having them make meals suggestions is the creative and already done-for-you aspect for of meal planning. smile

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Sounds like you will be having some nice lunches with the leftovers.
During the week, I eat at the Corporate Deli. I was budgeting $10.00 per day for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack. It's a hot food buffet line esenetioally that is different every day. There is also a sandwich bar and a salad bar. It's charged by the weight. Non-protein plates are 0.28 per ounce. If the protein is chicken, the entire plate is 0.32 per ounce, and if the plate has beef, it is 0.36 per ounce. If the plate has seafood, it is usually 0.42 per ounce.

Not bad. Hmm

Jambalaya for example usually costs me $5.50 a plate. Breakfast is usually $2.50 a plate and lunch is typically $3.50 a plate.

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