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In another thread, there was a discussion of whistle songs. Never heard this before this morning on Jack FM Seattle. What? You don't know jack? coffee

...still looking for that other whistle song I wrote about. Still waiting to hear it on the radio. smile

Billy Joel, The Stranger.
One of his better songs because he's not writing about kvetching or using Klesmer stylings, which makes my skin crawl. 🤣 eek2

But I'd like to talk about Klaus Meine...just for a moment.
When he got throat cancer, zee ozzer boys in zee band were asked if they were going to seek a new front man to replace him.
I can't find the press conference footage but I will never forget hearing Matthias Jabs:

"Klaus Meine iss zee voice of zee Scorpions. If he cannot sing, vee cannot play." 😍👍

And they're consistent like that! Kind and generous.
When I put together a dazzle reel for a disabled Army vet buddy, it was the early days of YouTube and I borrowed "Winds of Change" (time 3:20) for the soundtrack and got an email from their record label letting me know that the band members saw it and didn't hesitate to give their blessing.
Silly me, I didn't even ask because I never imagined anyone else but Jonathan's veteran buddies would ever see it....like I said, early YouTube, and I didn't think it was a big deal.
The label could have made my life Hell, but instead they were proud of it.

(SIDE NOTE: The FIRST music in the clip is an original guitar composition by a dear friend named Rick Webber titled "Stormbringer".)

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