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You're speaking to "covers" Mellow.

When an artist sings a song originally sung by another singer, the term for the newest version of the song is "cover." Many covers are better than the original. I cite "I will always love you" by Dolly Parton. Whitney Houston covered that song, and the song was incrementally better than the original in form, style, and production.

I used to think Whitney's cover was better but as I get older I have begun to appreciate Miss Dolly a lot more, and her original seems sweet and gentle, like a lover expressing sincere emotion, whereas Whitney's version, although stellar in a technical sense, sort of buries the sweet emotions with too much torchy bombast, at least to me.

Here's another one guaranteed to annoy....someone here...
Leon wrote (Groupie) aka "Superstar" and many think The Carpenters were the first to cover it.
Karen Carpenter had a huge hit with it and it seems to evoke a vision of an innocent young virginal teenybopper fantasizing about her favorite musical idol.

But surprise, Bonnie Bramlett of Delaney and Bonnie covered it first!
And boy howdy, when you hear Bon Bon do it, it doesn't sound like a teenybopper, it really SOUNDS LIKE a groupie has DONE a few rockers in her time.
You almost need a cigarette or a cold shower after hearing it because she really does sound like she did sleep with her idol.
Whew!! Hold on MOMMA! ROTFMOL

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