I just have Kroger deliver all the ingredients I need to make 14 fabulous meals a week. Plus snacks both sweet and savory! Adult beverages too!

Cooking from a wheelchair changes your perspective a bit. I keep meals simple and nutrient-dense.

Elevenses is when I put my feet up for a couple hours so they don't swell. But here it is noon and I'm still at my desk...

Governor DeSantis is no threat to Donald Trump. He is second-choice only or possible VP material.

My take right now is that Trump is going to run again. Desantis has kowtowed to Trump and said he would not run...he's too busy f*cking up Florida to hell and gone and couldn't possibly take on another 49 states. Trump just said that when he enters the race, everyone else will drop out.

Folks have been telling me for 6 years now that Trump is going to jail soon. They've also been saying that Jesus is coming soon. You'll have to pardon me for taking both with a grain of salt.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...