Partisan investigators seem to be grasping at straws, and jail time for Trump is becoming a more distant possibility all the time. One of the VERY likely matchups in 2024 could be Trump vs Harris.

I fail to comprehend how anyone can take 1/6 lightly.
No one is taking it lightly and everyone sees it for the failure that it was. It is one more example of what happens when conservatives take control. The Great Depression and the Great Recession were the other most famous instances in recent history. We are living through the third.

I do wonder if the DoJ is going too light. Especially when someone expresses specific intent to do harm.
These folks aren't criminals and locking them up will neither prevent future riots nor reform them.

Donald Trump was responsible for it, he stirred them up and sent them into battle, he could have stopped it at any time. Yet he chose to gleefully watch it on television. Like Nero watching Rome burn on CCTV while he played his violin.

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