Its pretty amazing. You have to go back to the 1970's to find any instances of the public almost approving of the actions of our congress! The fact that we have a federal bureaucracy which is a complete mess and proving it regularly is also interesting. So, we have a kindofa double deal going on here. between approval and a government ruled by its own bureaucracy why in the world would anybody expect anything else! The last time anybody even bothered to look at our bureaucracy was back in 1948 when Truman gave us the Hoover commission. The congress has done absolutely nothing to encourage any citizen to believe in the congress and individual members are not exactly heroes to the voting public.

Then there is the Republican/Democrat thing. The ONLY time the Democrats are allowed to take over is when the Republicans have created a financial disaster. Everybody seems to forget that one. They take over, fix the problem and then vote in the Republicans who do it all over again. That is a dance that has been going on for a very long time. The kicker is that the public actually believes that the Republicans are the ones who are good at managing the money even though they continue to vote them in anyway as the Republicans claim that they are and somehow the voting public buys it anyway.

This means that we have a congress admired almost as much as spit, a government with a bureaucracy completely out of control (the FDA and the Afghanistan exit are two good examples). Then we have a voting public which is desperate to believe in fairy tales as they don't seem to deal well with reality.

If you take those three things and stick them all together you have our mess. It even gets better. Many are concerned about people coming over the borders. That one is a dandy. The last time that was dealt with was back in Reagan times. Now we have Latin America as well as Haiti trying to move here. Not just a few, ALL of them. Seems that the weather is killing all the crops in Latin American so they starve. They also don't seem to have better governance than we do. We are dealing with thousands because they think we have food. However, that being said have a little visit with a few farmers. The middle west is dry as a bone, Los Angeles is out of water, etc. Our food supply is starting to be a risk as well.

I can keep going. I doubt there is any real solution to the border things. Everybody knows its a mess but nobody really has an answer to how to deal with not thousands but the millions warming up to visit as well just because they want to eat.

Now throw in the Corona Virus and the millions who think that its their right to infect everybody else basically, just because.

All this talk about fixing things is a damned joke. NOBODY has a solution and the proposed solutions boil down to 2. The first is to let everybody in because we love our fellow man. The other is to keep them all out anyway that is possible. No middle ground there and it boils down to "NO WAY!" Then the question becomes "Which way is NO WAY?"

I suspect the real problem is the simple fact that anybody here can go on, and on, and on about all of the above. The simple fact, however, is that to get anything done means that everybody has to get onboard for specifics and start to study and do something. That is NOT going to happen! Then the real problem starts - The guy on the white horse who can fix everything. This is demonstrated by the Trumpies. They expected him to fix it all, he didn't but many still believe. The simple fact that the man has proven that he is incapable of just about everything. His daddy gave him a half billion dollars and he went banko - 6 times! EVERYTHING he has tried has gone tits up! Yet half of our congress adore the man.

Sorry - I'm gonna wait for the second coming (any day now, we are told - Praise be!) If you really believe that stuff I got a bridge you might be interested in.