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All this talk about fixing things is a damned joke. NOBODY has a solution

Not quite true...plenty of people HAVE at least PARTIAL solutions to individual aspects of our problems, but they're not allowed to offer them.
You have to be in "the big club" to be listened to...ordinary people aren't listened to.

Just look at how hard Gordon (Loggy) has worked trying to get legs to grow under his bio-char project.
It gets some traction, but not the kind of global traction it deserves.
By this point, Loggy should be at the apex of a pretty sizeable team offering literally billions to help.

Why isn't that happening? Because too many in The Big Club have sacred oxen they think might be gored by his ideas.
They don't know with certainty, but just the fact that they are afraid it might be the case is enough.
And thus Loggy is being denied the kind of access he needs to get bio-char at or near Priority One.

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