On Wednesday night, I had dinner with a friend of mine from the Bay Area and her sister at Daniel's Broiler in South Lake Union. It has an awesome view.

So the check comes and we're settling the financials and my friend Crystal's sister Debbi says to Crystal, I'll Venmo you my portion. I mentioned Matt Gaetz sending an underaged teen money for alleged sex and placing "Tuition" into the memo part of the transaction.

Neither Crystal or Debbi knew who Matt Gaetz is! gobsmacked

Is this why America is the way it is right now? You have Repbulicans, Fox News, NewsMaxx, and OAN all lying about reality and then you have us decent folks trying to correct the record - with most Americans not even cluing in to what is happening around them?

It's just getting to be way too much and I'm starting to feel defeated. crazy

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