Will Republicans swarm down each street dragging us libruls from our homes and killing us? Will Law Enforcement be leading the way? Will it be State Police fighting the US Military? Maybe a Military Junta put into place?
Interesting you mentioned entities of forceful authority.

I mentioned last year the possibility the US Military "could" be a problem if then Mr Trump would not evacuate the WH. Well since then we have heard, read, and seen evidence of close ties between the military an law enforcement with Trump supporting groups and militias. So consider what happened in Iraq when al qaeda begin their campaign of asymmetrical warfare. This is what I see. None of these groups can mount a full frontal military style assault on anything, but can mount operations with limited military/political objectives i.e. asymmetrical ops. We have already seen the DoD talk about military people being closely associated with militias and Trump supporting groups, or the Capitol Police coordinating with some insurrectionists.

These folks believe, as all true believers do, in their delusion the country has been stolen, and therefore they have a right, an obligation, to overthrow an illegitimate government. What would stop that belief? It is burned in.

Hyperbole? Really? When I predicted the possibility of attempts by these folks to overthrow the election through legal machinations, little did I foresee the possibility of the extent of participation by folks who were former elected representatives, high ranking officials, and legal minds, in a conspiracy to overthrow the government. I thought only the delusional narcissist would be the sole voice of that insanity.

So I have to ask, hyperbole ... really?

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty