As close as it has ever been. Trump supporters where I live are using crazy talk. None have taken their signs/flags down. When Trump says Pres Biden is destroying the country, they believe it. So what do you think these folks will do .... make smores.

Some of them are likely making s'mores as I type this. Grilling burgers, baking pies.
They're watching ball games, hauling their kids around and trying to make a living.

As to your definitions, yes I know. You can wrap that definition around these idiots if you want, but this was a mindless mob bent on nothing but destruction. If this were in fact a "movement" they would have organized those militia boys and come in shooting. They could have secured the capital and called Trump to hand him the victory.

That's not what happened. They took pictures of themselves smearing feces on the walls to prove they were true patriots!

Then they went home and made s'mores.

Paper Tiger.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...