I would like to point out, yet again, the degree to which Trump is a loser. In business he has failed at just about anything he has touched, except for the business that daddy started and he turned over to somebody else. He tried selling stuff, from neckties to steaks and education - all gone and broke. I think he won his base from his TV show which he didn't write and didn't control and portrayed him as being successful.

Daddy gave him half a billion dollars and he proceeded to go banko - SIX TIMES!

As president the secret service went broke paying for housing bodyguards for the President at overpriced prices.

As far as anybody can tell he has never made a dime on his golf courses.

His hotel is a financial disaster bailed out by the Saudis who ordered rooms that they never used but spent millions 'helping' Trump.

Contractors will no longer accept any work from Trump unless they get the money up front.

There is a huge amount of law suits against him. I think that if he ever gets charged and convicted of a crime he can no longer stand for president. He was, incidentally, the only president, I think, ever to publicly announce he wasn't responsible. The strange thing about that one is that he was speaking truth!

This is the guy his base thinks is the greatest businessman in the world. He lies to his base regularly and they cheer. They thank him for all he has done for them but, as far as I can tell, nobody has yet to tell us what, exactly that was. His base is a problem, its a problem for the nation, a problem for themselves, and if they ever grasp reality they will be a serious problem for Trump (no likely to happen but pleasant to think about)