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Rightwing idiot Allen West is unvaccinated, as is his wife, and they both get COVID. Like your typical dumbass Rightwinger, he and his wife ingested Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin - and surprise! They didn't work.

So he and his wife went to the ER (NOTE: Almost all ERs are out of network and insurance companies hardly pay anything towards them these days) and they get the $2,500 monoclonal antibodies.

Now West is tweeting that if you do get COVID, no big whoop, just get the monoclonal treatment.

So dumbass West won't get the $10 jab because it's experimental, but he'll get a $2,500 experimental treatment + ER + hospital stay.

...and Rightwingers wonder why they're so loathed by decent society. mad

Most people can't get the MAB's even if they HAD the 2500 bucks, for the simple reason that it's a boutique item, not manufactured in massive quantities sufficient to treat the world, or even the USA, or even the entire population of Burundi.


In fact, it's a stretch if they even tried to supply enough MAB's to help a single city IN Burundi!

The US Department of Health and Human Servicessays that as of September 10, 2.17 million doses of monoclonal antibodies have been shipped to all sites, and 938,000 doses have been used since December. About 43% of the distributed doses have been used as of September 3.

An HHS spokesperson said seven states have accounted for 70% of orders for the therapy. Those seven states are Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana.

Why Burundi? I just pulled it at random out of my head.

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