The only fresh faces we're liable to see will be on the Republican side. You might have noticed that the Republican side has embraced and defended its own Young Turks, the Democratic side attacks them from every angle and tries to drive them away.

While AOC is considered a radical leftist among mainstream Democrats, the Proud Boys are considered "patriots" among mainstream Republicans. When it comes right down to it, Democrats are a lot more like Republicans than they'd like to admit.

SO MUCH like Republicans that they will vote for Republicans to stop ANY leftward movement.

It isn't the Republican Party that is doomed...they are driving the last nails into the Democratic Party's coffin as we type. Democrats have always sided with the losers anyway...what did they expect?

America rejected Trump in 2020. It did not reject conservatism. The only hope Democrats have is if Republicans run enough Trumpy candidates to make America reject Trumpism again in 2022 or by running Trump himself in 2024. This is the very reason I was so opposed to Biden during the primaries. And this is the very reason that he won.

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