Republicans actually have a culture according to your definition in the other thread. They are united under the flag, in Jesus, on war, 80 hour work weeks, motherhood, stock car racing, guns, and apple pie. Lefties should just go back where they came from.

They are united against science, education, fair wages, and healthcare.

2022 will likely see the house flip and in 2024 the Senate will go. That year there are 21 Democratic seats up for grabs and only ten Republican.

Harris is the presumptive Democratic candidate at this point in time and the Republicans will run Trump if he so chooses. If he chooses not to Desantis and Nikki Haley are topping the straw polls among conservatives. It'd be a hoot if the Reeps notched the first woman president and she set women's rights back a century. That's culture for ya!

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