A thought on churches and attendance therein. My wife dragged me to Rome a couple of years ago. Rome is a city of churches and we visited a pile of them. We went to other cities too and saw even more churches. As we did I listened to those with guides. I swear, except for Rome most of the old, huge cathedrals have been taken over by the cities as something for the tourists. After we got back I had to goto the doctor. She told me that she and her husband were also traveling in Europe as well. She also told me that they too had visited a lot of old churches. She also said that the cities/towns they visited also owned those churches.

I did some investigation. The churches of Europe no longer have flocks that support all those churches! That's why the cities involved now own them! Turns out that even some of the churches of Rome are owned by the city of Rome and not the catholic church - again, not enough church goers to pay for the churches but, I guess, the tourists do!

I live in a small town and we were almost famous, once, for the number of churches that we had. One on top of another. No longer, now a lot of those churches are second hand stores, businesses, etc. The Catholic church is still there but there is no priest and most of the Catholics have moved on to the Episcopal church (amongst other but that comes closest to what the Catholics are familiar with I guess) The Catholics are going to stick with priests without wives until they just melt away.

I have nothing to base it on but, I suspect, organized religion seems to be taking a hit in the world of white Christians these days.