If the Dems are to win they have to set the conversation and stick to it. Same with their mouths - they gotta watch their mouths and stick with making it all about the Republicans. They should do this if they really want to win (I remain not too sure about that). The Republicans win because they do that and they march in lock step . The Dems need Republican disasters to win (historically speaking). Its really time for the Dems to actually try to win and go after the Republicans with consistent arguments as, so far, their system of depending on taking over a financially disastrous nation is somehow winning instead of taking on a job they get absolutely no credit for (because they haven't the capacity to toot their own horn).

I fear for us all after the election next year. The Dems simply don't seem to have the vigor or will to actually get out and do battle with the Republicans as they are too busy doing that to each other. As an anti-Trump person that considers that the Republicans are not exactly right in the head a lot of the time. On the other side they watch the Dems wound themselves at the slightest opportunity and think that them that vote Democratic are also not exactly right in the head. On reflection EVERYBODY seems to qualify in that one and THAT is a bit scary!