I keep hearing and reading pundits claiming Trump supporters are moving away from him, but I don't buy it. Based on my unscientific, nonrandom, data set of Trump lovers around me, I would say they all are still just as enthralled and supporting of Trump. They all know the election was stolen, covid is a hoax, and Hillary just ate a baby.

I also hear reporters talk about how behind closed doors elected Republicans talk about dumping Trump. Sure I believe it, but I also know the reality they are facing. The base will not tolerate Trump denigration. They have no choice but to publicly support Trump to continue receiving the support of the base.

Weird .... in order to maintain power they have to destroy the very institutions which elected them to power. I think this may be a paradox, but one which has real life implications ... the fall of American Democracy.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty