More like Tatters.
I find it painful to try to sit down and write when I have to consider all the grave situations in the political sphere.
Fortunately I have enough personal infrastructure action items t
o keep me busy enough to blot out too much doom-saying, New driveway, garage slab repairs, landscaping, new garage roof, brought out all of the tools including compressor for nail guns, hammer drill, and oxyacetylene torch. Not to mention fighting off climate change threats to routine veggie gardening.

Fungi have been particularly problematic with very moist summer. I guess I shouldn't complain with all those folks out West with severe droughts. All Norway Maple were denuded from Maple spot disease, but didnt effect Red Maples. Fusarium took out whole 4x8 raised bed of basil, after fortunately a huge early harvest. Cuke beetles killed all the cuke plants by infecting them with a bacterial systemic wilt, and a later fungal wilt cut the tomato season short.

And, the new enthusiastic weeds were remarkable, in that they included giant sunflowers and black walnuts, complementary from squirrel plantings. Japanese lantern plants have taken over a fallow bed, and another enthusiastically growing weed caught my attention. It was/is White Goosefoot which is a near relative of other Pigweeds notably the Palmer Amaranth that has been getting lots of press in agriculture circles as the most dangerous weed threat to commercial agriculture. This is due to its remarkable and growing resistance to herbicides, making it the star of the upcoming superweeds.

To avoid the accusation of thread off topicism, the Palmer Amaranth and most of the Pigweed family of plants were grown and harvested by Native Americans and worldwide, as they grow everywhere, and some tribes are trying to bring them back, as they can survive adverse growth conditions. Most remarkable is that the Palmer variety has evolved a rapid herbicide resistance metabolism, clearly with strong survival advantages. Im harvesting my goosefoot seeds just in case they become the only crop I can still grow.
We had better learn to eat this and like it!

Palmer amaranth, the king of weeds, cripples new herbicides


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