I solved the weed situation, it was just a matter of perspective. I weed is only a weed if I dont want it growing there! I embrace all enthusiastic plants, and they are all welcome in my veggie beds, lawn, front and back yards, side yard, but sadly no longer growing through the asphalt of my driveway. One of my chronic interests is noticing some plant thriving in my yard, and finding it the right place to grow best. They have to be shade tolerant and deer resistant, or they wouldn't have made the cut in the yard.

The white goosefoot/ pigweed was taste tested today. It is a seed rather than a grain and was pleasant like Keenwaaw without the soapy aftertast

Getting back to culture, the microbial culture world has had intense competition between the fungi and filamentous bacteria for Billions of years, which I understand is not as impressive as we are now in Trillions mindset. If one was better than the other, we would have only one kind that won the evolution battle. We now understand that these many organisms work together as the bacteria need fungi to convert cellulose and other complex carbohydrate into simple sugars. So, what could go wrong with such a long lasting mutually productive system that also nurtures plants to help utilize soil nutrients. You guessed it Roundup/glyphosate.

It is now clear that glyphosate that poisons plants, for now, but also kills many bacteria and fungi in to soil and could also change our bowel biomes if roundup got into our food supply. Roundup is also more persistent in soil, than we were led to believe by Monsanto. The following study shows the effects on fungal mycorrhizal networks! NO NOT THAT!

I just started a new compost heap today with sudden abundance of leaves. It still feels like summer here so Im expecting a rapid heating pile, not like Im trying to kill the seeds of the highly invasive Creeping Charlie.
Its exciting to watch compost forming, once you understand the fascinating process!
Its even more exciting when you compost relatives, like some have mentioned!

roundup ruins fungi, Glyphosate decreases mycorrhizal colonization and affects plant-soil feedback

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